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Nepal is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-traditional country situated in between India and China. Because of being a diversified country, Nepalese food comprises a variety of cuisines based upon ethnicity, soil and climate relating to Nepal’s cultural diversity and geography. Much of the cuisine is variation on Asian themes. Other foods have hybrid Tibetan, Indian and Thai origins.

If you look roughly into the Nepali cuisine, you may feel that Nepal lacks varieties other than the so-called staple “Dal bhat”. But, when you look deeper into the Nepali kitchen you will discover a new dish in every home for every occasion.

Nepal is one of the welcoming nations in the word which grant huge amount of difference for its culinary cuisines. Experience amusing local foods of Nepal as you make your through its ever generous restaurants and hotels. Any traveler who wants a genuine taste of Nepalese cuisine should not miss their chance of tasting the delicacies which are the most popular foods in Nepal.

Dal Bhat

Dal bhat is a major dish widely consumed by Nepali. It is a set of Dal (Lentil soup), Bhat (Rice), Tarkari (Curry). This is the perfect dish which can fill you up. Dal bhat is the last resort for many Nepali when super hungry.


Dhido is a traditional Nepali food widely consumed in hilly and mountain region of Nepal, where rice and wheat is not abundant. Dhido is made by continuously mixing hot water and flours of maize and buckwheat. It is often eaten along with local vegetable curry, pickle, or Gundruk (fermented leafy green vegetable) soup. Although a food of humble origin, Dhido is the second most popular dish in the country after Dal bhat and we can now find it being served in many Nepali restaurants.


Momo is the super popular food from Nepal which is widely consumed all over. It was originated in Tibet but later it came to Kathmandu and now its super famous over here. Actually Momo is the dumpling covered with spiced meat & vegetable inside either steamed or dip fried served with homemade sauce or relish. This can be different from place to place. It is mostly eaten as snacks or as dinner sometime but mostly as snacks.


Thukpa is a noodle soup comes with thick soup, seasonal vegetable mixed with Himalayan spices. This food is widely eaten during winter time in the hilly and mountain region of Nepal. You can easily find places for this food as many restaurants in Kathmandu do Thukpa. Tibetean restaurant around the town could be the best choice to explore several varieties of this dish.

Sel Roti

Sel Roti is a famous sweet, ring- shaped dish mostly prepared during Tihar. It is a deep fried rice dough. To add taste, sugar, and cardamom is mixed in the dough before frying it. Sel Rotis are common in local eateries and now available in some of the famous departmental stores in the cities.


Puwa is regarded as religious food among the Hindus.  It is usually served during sacred rituals and Puja. This is a sweet dish prepared with rice flour, butter and sugar. Sweet and crusty, it is a mouthwatering dish prepared occasionally. You can eat it dry or with warm milk.


Pustakari is a sweet Nepali toffee made by stirring a big pan of mixed sugar,Khuwa (thickened milk), peanut powder and coconut with seasoning powder.

Anarsa and Thekuwa

Thekuwa and Anarsa are the two famous sweets from Terai region of Nepal. These tasty sweets are prepared on the special occasions of Chhath (Festival celebrated in Terai region of Nepal).

Tip Top Samosas

A hidden courtyard is home to the most famous samosa shop in Kathmandu. It is famous for authentic taste of samosas and other deep fried snacks. Tip Top also sells puri, julebi and other varieties of sweets.

Kathmandu Durbar Square Lassi Shop

It is a place located in Indra Chowk, Jamal. A absolute institution among locals, this shop serves lassis and lassis only. Available in two sizes and topped with cashews, pistachios and dried fruit, it’s delicious.


Sukuti is a Nepali word for dry meat or Jerky. Sukuti is either consumed directly or spiced as a snack or mixed with other ingredients and served as side dish in the mountain & hilly region of Nepal. Fresh red meat is taken after slaughter and hanged over the fire place or cooking place as when it’s get dry its ready to be consumed. This meat would be your best snacks for rice whisky but beware chew carefully otherwise it can slog you to dentist afterward.


Lhaphing is a noodle dish seasoned with spices.  The noodle is made from starches extracted either from potato or flour, and is cooked overnight. Once the extract has settled, they are cut and formed into noodles before being dipped in a sauce made from dried chilies and vinegar.  A variety of spices including garlic, cloves, onions and coriander is thrown in to add to its flavor profile, along with a healthy dose of sesame oil. Raw noodles is also used for a different taste.


It is a crunchy bubble tapped down from the above with small hole, ingredients of sizeable spices is pushed over, another tangy soup is poured over and served to awaiting foodies. It is found all over the streets.


Although being easy to find vegetarian food in Nepal, the meat is quite popular and the sekuwa even more, as it can be eaten as a snack or as a meal, in the many eateries that grill the meat just outside the shop, feeling the air with smoke and the smell of the meat. It is made from different kinds of meat, seasoned with a red sauce, and cut in small pieces stick in bamboo and grilled in a wood fire. The sekuwa is usually eaten with puff rice.

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