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Gems of Far West Nepal – Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park situated at Far western region of Nepal is best known for its exceptionally beautiful meadows and holy Khaptad Baba Ashram. Khaptad National Park was established in 1984 and cover the area of 225 square kilometers stretching over the four districts of Bajhang, Bajura, Achham, and Doti.  It is found that Khaptad Baba moved to this area in the 1940s to meditate and spent about 50 years as a hermit and ultimately became a renowned spiritual saint. The National Park is named after the holy saint Khaptad Baba. Khaptad National Park is rich in biodiversity and supports 23 species of mammals, 287 species of birds and 23 species of amphibians and reptiles. The lush greenery landscapes of Khaptad National Park cot of moorland, steep slopes, and streams. More than 567 species of flora have been recorded in the National Park.

This gem of far west Nepal is yet to be explored more and some of the interesting things that grab all eyes on it are as follows:

  • Eye-pleasing meadows

The National Park is famous for its lush green meadows, grasslands, and pastures. There are altogether 22 large meadows within 225 sq.Km area of the Khaptad National park. The Meadows just seem like the large golf course within a single region.

  • Biodiversity

The rich biodiversity of this National Park offers an absolute paradise for bird lovers and animal enthusiasts. Bird watching and jungle walk are the best things to do for getting closer to the wild side of the National park. The chir pine forest, rhododendron forest, oak forest, and alder forest make this area more beautiful. The rich flora and fauna of this region give immense pleasure to all the traveler and creates memorable moments for life.

  • Religious sites

Besides the beautiful landscapes and the meadows, this National park is a holy place and consist of several religious sites among which much popular is Khaptad Baba Ashram. Other major religious sites in this region include Saileshwori which is on the way to Khaptad. This goddess temple of Saileshwori in Sigarhi, comprises temples of Ganesh and Masto too. There are several ponds within the region and Khaptad Daha is one where people celebrate the festival in Purnima-full moon on the month of August-September. Ganga Dashahara is the highest prioritize festival celebrated in large scale in this region during Jestha month of Nepalese calendar. Other religious sites in the area are Sahashra Linga at the highest point of the park and Ganesh temple, Nagdhunga and Kedardhunga. This holy region is considered to be placed for meditation and tranquility. As this place is considered to be the pristine and holy, Tobacco products, alcohol and animal sacrification is prohibited.

  • The glimpse of Far west Culture and tradition

The culture of Far-western region of Nepal is unique and much more interesting. The visit to this area provides an excellent opportunity to explore the lifestyles and culture of Far-western Nepal. The local people graze their livestock during the summer in the pasture where many make a temporary shuttle too. Enjoy the culture that is showcased during the festivals observed especially Ganga Dashahara. Enjoy the dance and Deuda song of western Nepal on your trip to Khaptad.

  • Best Time to visit

Being a high plateau, the weather in the region is unpredictable and foggy environment can be observed most of the time. Even the snowfall retained much longer up to march because of being a plateau. So the best time to visit Khaptad is October/November and March/May.

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