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The Newari culture is very famous for its food. They have so many occasions, often termed as “Bhoj” in which several kinds of dishes are prepared and enjoyed. It is a means for their exchange of closeness. The Newari dish is very much diversified and is one of the major foods to try in Nepal. It consists of many items including buff meat, alcohol, and much more. The basic Newari food consists of Alu tama (potatoes and bamboo shoots curry), Chhoila (spiced broiled meat), Bhuttan (fried intestine and other abdominal parts), Juju Dhau (special curd of Bhaktapur), Chatamari (rice pancake), Bara(lentil based fried doughnut), etc.

Newari Set

Newari Set is a set of several dish which comes together. This we can found in Newary restaurant or in the street pub mostly everywhere in Kathmandu. This comes with Chiura (beaten paddy), Choila (Boiled and mixed with spice meat), Spicy curry, Beans & bamboo shoot soup & some fried peanut-cashew nut. It’s a complete meal, it can be eaten as launch, snack or for dinner as well.


Bara is a traditional Newari snack which is more like a pancake made of black lentil. It is healthy as well as hygienic food and is one of the popular foods in Nepal.  It is golden brown in color and could also be made by mixing other ingredients like meat and egg in it which are known as Masu-Bara and Anda-Bara, respectively. However, Bara is a vegetarian dish unless mixed with egg or meat.


Yomari is heavenly steamed bread with mouth-watering filling produced using powdered rice flour dough. Newars are one of the most seasoned ethnic gatherings in the capital valley of Kathmandu. They are outstanding for their celebrations and get ready boundless lavish dining experiences. The name yomari starts from Newari dialect, “yoh” intends to love or to like, and “mari” implies bread dish.


The Newari sustenance is considered as a standout amongst the most prominent and novel nourishment in Nepal alongside being tasty. One of such famous Newari dish is known as Chatamari. Chatamari is a crepe made out of rice floor with hacked or ground red meat garnishes and prepared with salt and pepper.

Juju Dhau

Juju Dhau truly signifies “King of yogurt” in the Newari dialect. To make Juju Dhau, the drain is bubbled, sweetened, blended with culture, and filled beautiful, regular red mud pot called maato ko kataaro (earthy pots). It is then set in a warm region, on a bed of paddy husks (the papery covering of rice grains), secured with another kataaro on top, and wrapped in a few thick cotton covers to keep up a warm temperature while the yogurt sets. Since the earth pots are permeable, the abundance fluid from the yogurt gradually vanishes, leaving a scrumptious, thick, smooth and velvety yogurt. It is then transported and sold in the market in a similar earth pots. A visit to Bhaktapur is not finished without testing a bowl of Juju Dhau.


Chhwela is a typical Newari dish that consists of spiced grilled buffalo meat. Though the dish is traditionally popular with water buffalo meat, nowadays mutton, chicken & duck meat are also being used. Usually eaten with rice flakes (Chiura), this dish is typically very spicy, hot & mouthwatering.

It is considered a necessary part of the diet in festivals among the Newar community along with several other ingredients. It is also an important ingredient of Samay Baji.

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