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    Nepal bird watching tour is the perfect trip for birds lover and ornithologist.  Nepal is an absolute paradise rich in natural resources and diverse flora and fauna. The diverse climate from different topographical regions of Nepal(60 m from sea level to 8848 m) contributes a lot to different species of birds and animals. Bird watching in Nepal is a better way to explore and experience its natural richness and diverse flora and fauna along with different lifestyles and cultures.

    Nepal is home to 873 different species of birds, almost 9% of birds population in the world. Though small in size, Nepal has all kinds of habitat for birds and other animals such as wetlands, tropical and subtropical forests, coniferous forest, alpine forest etc. In Bookingsansar we are promoting bird watching extensively and offer different bird watching tours that meet the need of the travelers. This exclusive Nepal bird watching tour will lead you through the famous birding sites of Nepal which include Kathmandu valley, Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve and Bardia National park.



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