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    Nepal Pilgrimage tour East will take you through the religious sites on eastern part of Nepal. With diverse culture, ethnic groups and religions, there are numerous temples and religious sites in Nepal. The eastern part of Nepal is home to majority of the Kirat peoples. From the extremity of Mt. Everest to the dense forest of Charkoshejhadi, there are numerous religious sites in east Nepal. Many religious sites which are dated back to the times of Mahabharat and Ramayan can be observed in east Nepal.

    In this exclusive Nepal Pilgrimage tour East, the major holy sites covered are; Halesi (also known as Pashupati of East), Baraha kshyetra, Budasubba, Dantakali, Pathivara, Kankai Mai, Ram janaki temple and Sindhuligadhi. As the dew dried up in the morning with sun rise, sins of mankind are also dried up with the sight of pilgrimage sites in Himalayan country Nepal. With true believe and faith, two of the oldest religions Hinduism and Buddhism practices and their representation in the form of religious sites can be well observed in Nepal. Experience the temples, shrines, monasteries, stupas and chaitya vihar layout for number of followers of Buddhism and Hinduism co-existing in harmony in east Nepal.


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