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    Hiking, trekking, rafting is not only the adventurous activity to do in Nepal. Rock climbing in kathmandu is heating the atmosphere these days and many people are attracted towards it, specially young and energetic youths. We should be grateful to the Kathmandu for being the valley surrounded by rocks completely. There are many rock climbing sites around Kathmandu for both beginners and expert level. In Rock climbing, participants climb natural rock or man-made rock walls aiming to reach the top of the rock or the end point of a predefined end point.

    Rock climbing is a adventurous sports demanding both mental and physical ability of the participants which often test the strength, agility, endurance and balancing along with mental control of the climber. With several varieties of styles and sub-disciplines, Rock climbing can be dangerous sometimes and knowledge of proper techniques and equipment is crucial for safe climbing up to the end point of the routes. In this special, Kathmandu Rock climbing, we offer visit to the Nagarjuna forest site, which is suitable for all kinds of climbers. This day trip can be more elaborated with bird watching and experiencing wild of the end point of the valley.


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