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Kathmandu Spa

Kathmandu Spa Pvt Ltd, Thamel Bhagwati Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal

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About Us

If time does not allow you a way to relax or a holiday, visit Kathmandu Spa – the perfect place to soothe away the stresses of the day. Kathmandu Spa now provides the perfect environment where you can immerse yourself in relaxing surrounds and indulge in a little spa therapy at a convenient location near you. If you understand your body and feel good about it, Kathmandu Spa is a perfect way to feel better about yourself and the world around you. People who take care of themselves have an inner glow that shows on their faces and in the way that they carry themselves. Kathmandu Spa is about providing the time, choice and expertise for women of all ages to renew that glow. Our therapists are on hand to give advice to all our guests and will tailor treatments according to age and need, following a personal consultation. We aim to bring the very best treatments to you, from a trusted, spa.

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