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Funky Buddha Tattoo, Chaksibari Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tattoo, dreadlock and piercing

Funky buddha tattoo studio.Where u can ink your body.Funky buddha tattoo “You dream it we ink it”.We do Bamboo tattoo also.Just come visit our studio with your idea, we will help you to make design. we also do dreadlock and piercing.
Tattoo Culture in Nepal.
Tattoo culture in Nepal is one of the oldest traditions practised in Newars, Tharu ,Gurungs and Magars communities of the country. The real time when the tattoo culture in Nepal began is unknown, but the practice of getting a tattoo was a part of the cultural and social aspect of people’s lives since the ancient times. In the modern times the same trend may not be followed by the young generation but, religious symbols and designs can be seen in older members of many families.

Bamboo tattoo
It is difficult to pinpoint the exact origins of Bamboo Tattoo Art as the practice is so old the history is almost lost, being tied up with myth and legend. Many countries in South  Asia lay claim to be the birthplace of this ancient art form. However, it is generally believed to have originated in the Khmer period around 3000 years ago. There have been mummies found in the Philippines with bamboo tattoos still visible, block bands around the calf with tribal hierarchy significance.

Baba Bikas

Entering into the artistic world early from his teenage, Baba Bikas (Mr. Bikas Gautam) has spend almost 2 decade in this Industry. His mainstream BAMBOO TATTOO is classic in all aspect. He has ported this art in different parts of the world including France, India, Thailand and other Asian and European Nations. His passion, charisma, hard-work and  determination is what makes him success.

Don’t miss to have Bamboo Tattoo from this legendary hand.

Sunil Gautam

Taking the foot steps from this brother Bikas Baba, Mr. Sunil Gautam has entered the industry since his early twenties. He is good in Machine Tattoo and people have loved his work under his short span of time.

Gokul Thatal

The highly energetic and passionate artist Mr. Gokul Thatal always seeks to learn and try new technique and philosophical guidelines. You can mostly find him attached with Canvas.