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The highest peak in the world, Mount Everest is located in a small landlocked Country named Nepal. It is bordered by China to the North & India to the South.

With an estimated population of 29.3 million (2017 ), Nepal covers a land mass of 147,181 km2.  Nepal is commonly divided into three physiographic areas: Himal, Pahad and Terai.

Terai is a lowland region containing some hill ranges.

Pahad is a mountain region that does not generally contain snow. The mountains vary from 800 to 4,000 metres in altitude with progression from subtropical climates below 1,200 metres to alpine climates above 3,600 metres.

Himal is the mountain region containing snow and situated in the Great Himalayan Range; it makes up the northern part of Nepal. Eight among the top ten highest peak in the world are situated here including the Mount Everest.


Where is the Mount Everest located in, in Nepal?

The home location of the Mount Everest is the Mahalangur Range of the Great Himalayas. It lies exactly on the border line of Nepal & Tibet (27°59′ North Latitude, 86°55′ East Longitude) in the Southern part of Asia.

Neplease called The Mount Everest Sagarmatha सगरमाथा which means “forehead in the sky” and Tibetan call it Chomolungma meaning “mother of the World.

The peak derived its name from the land Surveyor General “Sir George Everest”, who was the first person to locate the exact position of the peak.

Mount Everest’s topographical structure & geographical composition makes it one of the best destination in the world for adventure sports.

Everest Base Camp is the closest viewpoint of the highest peak in the world.

Thousands of travelers come to Nepal for the trekking to the Everest Base Camp. Besides trekking, the Everest region is also open for mountaineering. The number of attempts has been increasing since the first successful expedition to the peak made by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. Many other records also has been created by other mountaineers after that.



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