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Nepal, a developing country in South East Asia, offers luxurious stay despite having Maoist problem for decades and unstable government time and again. Hotel & Hospitality services in Nepal is improving slowly year after year. The increase in tourists visiting Nepal has also increased as increase in number of Budgeted to Star hotels.

By the end of 2008, there were almost 9 five star hotels, about 20 four star and three star hotels and more than 100s of tourist standard hotels, located inside and outside the capital, Kathmandu. The earthquake in 2015 brought huge loss of wealth, natural heritage and life of many people. However, the impact in hotel industry is much lesser than other sectors. Thanks to well build hospitality properties across the country. At present, the number of hotels, resorts and apartments are gradually increasing.

Over past few years, number of hotels are blooming in Nepalgunj due to the flood of Mansarovar- bound pilgrims in the city. Being an industrial hub in southwestern Nepal, it has become a expedient jumping-off point for Indian tourists to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in Tibet, China. So, Hotel Central Plaza, Nepalgunj has applied for five star ratings and according to news report its decision will be made soon.

The Tiger Palace Resort at Kotihawa, Bhairahawa is a 100-room property having the first incorporated five-star casino resort in South Asia. The property was developed by Australian-listed Silver Heritage Group. In 2017, the Tourism Department awarded a five-star rating to this property. Hotel Diyalo, Birgunj applied for a four-star rating on 20th Feb, 2019.

Three five-star hotels– Chhaya Centre, Thamel; Marriott Kathmandu, Naxal and Hotel Pawan Palace, Lumbini are set to open by June.

Recently, the Soaltee Westend Premier, Nepalgunj and Swiss International Hotel Sarowar, Pokhara were awarded as five and four stars respectively. These two hotels were awarded the star rating after considering all the required criteria bringing the number of hotels in the two categories to twelve and eight.

With the entrance of four-star club; Swiss International Hotel Sarowar in Pokhara, the Hotel Siddhartha View and Cygnett Inn Krishna Hotel in Nepalgunj, Hotel Opera in Mahendranagar, Hotel Ichchha in Simara, and Hotel Mystic Mountain in Nagarkot, there will be 16 five-star hotels in total. Among them, the Fulbari Resort and Spa, Pokhara has closed whereas the Everest Hotel, Baneshwor, which was closed after the 2015 earthquake, will reopen after retrofitting.

A new provision is declared for the establishment of five- star hotel outside the valley. The hotels should consists 80 rooms outside the valley and four –star hotels in valley are required to have at least 80 rooms, each 230 square feet in size and with an attached bathroom. Furthermore, 10 percent of the rooms should be suites, and the porch should have a capacity to accommodate 40 guests. Four-star properties should also be equipped with air-conditioning and CCTV, and feature a conference hall, swimming pool, health club, fitness centre, sauna bath, sports facilities and coffee shop. As per the new rules, four-star hotels outside the Kathmandu Valley are required to have at least 60 rooms.

The government has allowed hotels and resorts to import furniture, carpet, kitchen equipment and other industry-specific items during the construction and operation phase by paying the minimum 5 percent customs duty. The Tourism Department will recommend to the Customs Department to provide the privilege after the hotels and resorts apply for it.

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