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Are you wiling to visit Nepal for its natural beauty or want to go for trekking to one of the top highest mountains in the World. Went to Everest or Annapurna Base Camp is also a great experiance. Let’s explore some of the interesting facts about the Mount Everest.

  1. Everest formation Mount Everest formed about 60 million years ago, as India crashed into Eurasia. This collision erased a Mesozoic Era ocean named Tethys in the process. Glaciers have chiseled Mount Everest into a giant pyramid with three faces and three ridges. The southeastern ridge is the most traveled climbing route.
  2. Discoverer of Mount Everest In 1865, it was named Mount Everest, after Sir George Everest who was a Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843. Thus, it is named after him and ‘Everest’ is pronounced as ‘Eve-rest’ not ‘Ever-est.’
  3. Mystery of first climber The first successful summit of Everest was recorded by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on May 29, 1953. But, there are some who believe that it was actually climbed much earlier in 1924 by George Mallory and Andrew Irvine. To date, it is not discovered but if it does it could potentially change the mountaineering history forever.
  4. Growing Mount Everest The height of Mount Everest is found to be growing 4mm per year. This growth is due to the steady movement of rock (upon which Everest is stands) northwards.
  5. Sagarmatha Nepalese call The Mount Everest as Sagarmatha which means ‘forehead in the sky’ and Tibetan call it Chomolungma which means ‘mother of the World’.
  6. The Puja Ceremony: Seeking Permission From the Mountain Gods The puja is performed by a Buddhist Lama and two or more monks, who build an alter out of stones at the campsite. During the ceremony they ask for good fortune and protection as the climbers prepare for their mounting. They also bless the team’s climbing equipment, including ice axes, crampons, harnesses, and so on. For the Sherpa people this is an important step that must be completed prior to starting the expedition. Most won’t even begin and Everest expedition without undergoing a puja ceremony first.
  7. Spiders The Himalayan jumping spiders are the highest permanent inhabitants of the earth, aside from few species of bird. Euophrys omnisuperstes, the scientific name which means standing above everything, is the spider living at the elevation of up to 6700m (22000 ft) in the Himalayas. Moreover, other different grasshopper species were also collected during the British Everest expedition in 1924, and they are now displayed on British Natural History Museum.
  8. Rules to climb The permit to climb Everest costs $11,000. If you’re caught climbing without one, the penalty fee is double the permit cost. But the full cost of climbing can be as high as $100,000. Between gear, training, travel, and accommodations, TIME estimates that the climb can cost between $35,000 and $100,000.
  9. Human traffic jam at Mt. Everest Besides the high cost and diffulty, a growing number of people are into reaching the summit of Mount Everest. A German mountaineer named Ralf Dujmovits got a chance to capture a surprising image of a long queue of hundreds of climbers ascending towards the summit in 2012.
  10. The valley in a peak The valleys below Everest are inhabited by Tibetan-speaking Sherpas, who live in villages at elevations up to 14,000 feet.
  11. Temperature and wind The warmest average daytime temperature on the summit is about −2 degrees Fahrenheit. Winds at the summit can reach 175 miles per hour.
  12. Everest isn’t Earth’s tallest mountain Everest isn’t Earth’s tallest mountain; Hawaii’s Mauna Kea is. Everest is the planet’s highest point above sea level. Hawaii’s Mauna Kea is about 4,000 feet higher, but most of that height is below sea level.
  13. Death in a mountain One of the more recognizable bodies on the mountain is Hannelore Schmatz who died in 1979 with her eyes still open and her hair fluttering in the wind. Climbers began referring to her peacefully-posed body as the “German Woman,” but she was blown off the mountain face by extreme winds.
  14. Maiden Year The year 1974 is regarded as a maiden year because in this year no one attempted to climb the Mount Everest.
  15. Climb from all four sides Kushang Sherpa is an instructor at Himalayan Mountaineering. He is the only individual to climb Mount Everest successfully from all the four sides.
  16. Wedding on Summit Nepalese Sherpa Pem Dorjee married Moni Mulepati atop Everest in 2005, making them the first to wed at the summit.
  17. Eldest and youngest climbers The eldest climber is Yuichiro Miura from Japan who climbed in 2013 at the age of 80. He had two heart surgeries in 2006 and 2007 but nothing could stop him from conquering Everest once again. Miura broke his own record which he created by climbing Mount Everest in 2003, at the age of 70. The youngest climber is Jorden Romero from the USA who climbed Mount Everest in 2010 when he was 13.Romero was with his father Paul Romero, his step-mother Karen Lundgren, and three Sherpas, Ang Pasang Sherpa, Lama Karma Sherpa, and Lama Dawa Sherpa.
  18. Internet on the Everest A hiker, Kenton Cool made the first tweet from the summit of the Mount Everest via The Weak signal. The tweet was “Everest summit no 9! 1st tweet from the top of the world thanks to a weak 3G signal & the awesome Samsung Galaxy S2 handset! @samsunguk”. Two years later the first call was placed from the peak. However, there is high-speed internet on the way to Mount Everest.
  19. Government Rule Recently, the government of Nepal decided to ban Solo climbers and differently abled people from climbing Mount Everest to decrease fatalities. Before the ban , two blind climbers were able to reach the Everest.
  20. The rescue mission The highest rescue mission ever completed was the retrieval of Beck Weathers, an experienced climber who was left for dead twice, but is still alive.
  21. First twins to reach Mount Everest : Tashi and Nungshi Malik.
  22. First woman to climb Mount Everest : Junko Tabei.
  23. The first ascent to reach Everest without oxygen : Reinhold Messner.
  24. First female amputee to climb Mount Everest : Arumina Sinha. 

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