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    The bungee jump is one of the famous adventure sports for adventure junkies, which basically is to freely fall from the high bridge or tower by tightening a nylon rope. It requires the brave heart to jump from hypnotizing height. Bungee is being a trend and is popular among the youth. This thrilling and extreme experience of jumping from the bridge or tower is obviously one of the very unforgettable adventures in one’s life.

    In this Bungee jump tour, we offer you the jump from the Bhotekoshi River Bridge(166m long) into the gorge of the river( 160m) down. The bridge is specially constructed for jumping and is designed by New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants and engineers as per Swiss 4x safety measurements so they are safe enough for adventure activities. This extreme 160m into the Bhotekoshi River Gorge is one of the longest free- fall in the world.¬† It is easily accessible(3-4 hrs drive) and is nearby Bungee jump spot from Kathmandu.


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