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    Taudaha and Pharping bird watching trip is a perfect weekend getaway for every kind of travelers. Kathmandu is perfectly situated at the middle of surrounded hills which offers an urban and rural both livings here. Within a few kilometers, we can find the jungles and natural places inside Kathmandu among which Taudaha lake is one. The Taudaha lake is a small lake which is just 7 km southwest from Kathmandu on the way to Dakshinkali. There is a belief that Manjushree – Tibetan prince/an incarnation of Lord Buddha when cutting the hill of Chobar to drain out the water of the lake over which Kathmandu sits today, Nagas were homeless for which residents of the valley created a palace underneath the lakes for them. That is why no people swim or fish in Taudaha lake in order to preserve the tranquility of the water. This place is an absolute heaven for a bird watcher and ornithologist during the winter when migratory birds fly and settle down here.

    Over 40 species of birds can be observed in the Taudaha lake. Not so far from the lake, Pharping is another spot to observe the birds and wildlife along with the religious visit. The village of Pharping consists the religious sites like Dakshinkali temple, Shesnarayan temple, and other several temples and caves. Due to long stretched hills and few populations in Pharping, it’s a better place to relax away from the urban jungles. On this Taudaha and Pharping Bird Watching trip, you will be experiencing a natural heaven within a short distance away from the Kathmandu.


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